Giant Steps

Community Outings

One of our primary goals is to offer Canopy participants the opportunity to engage with the local community. We believe connecting with businesses and organizations in the area is crucial for our participants and the community members.

Canopy participants engage in the community in the following ways:

  1. Volunteering at local organizations or events.
  2. Participating in community service projects, such as clean-up initiatives or food drives.
  3. Attending community events, such as festivals, markets, or cultural celebrations.
  4. Contributing to community arts and cultural programs through performances, exhibitions, or workshops.
  5. Participating alongside community members in recreational activities, such as sports leagues, fitness classes, or outdoor excursions.
  6. Building relationships and social connections with neighbors, peers, and community members through informal gatherings or social events.

community outing 1 IMG 4204

Community Life Skills:

  1. Navigating Transportation: Understanding how to use public transportation, including buses, trains, or rideshare services, is essential for independent mobility.
  2. Emergency Preparedness: Understanding how to respond to emergencies, such as calling emergency services or following evacuation procedures, ensures individuals' safety and security.